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Gas Venting

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Visqueen offers a variety of solutions to disperse gas safely from beneath buildings. The type of passive venting system required is dependent on the building type and the amount of gas flow - Please consult Visqueen Technical Support Team for further information. Visqueen’s complete system consists of the following options:
    • Releases harmful gases safely
    • Suitable for most applications
    • Reduces the risk of rain water into the void
    • Easy and secure installation
    • Approved & tested to B125 (EN1433) load class
    • Lightweight and easy to lay with high gas flow capacity
    • Creates a depressurisation zone for collection of ground gases
    • Unrivalled technical and design support
    • Cost effective compared to traditional below slab perforated pipework and fill
    • Effective outlet for Visqueen's Gas Venting System
    • Provides an aesthetic yet functional solution for dispersing ground gases
    • Made to a high standard and easy to install
    • A free air flow capacity of 25,000mm2
    • Fully comprehensive wide range of fittings
    • Facilitates the dilution and dispersal of dangerous gases
    • Used extensively across the UK
    • Supported by a full gas venting technical design support service