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Tanking Membranes

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Visqueen offers a range of tanking membranes including our BBA certified Self Adhesive Membrane and our High Performance TorchOn Tanking Membrane.
    • Conforms in full to BS8102:2009, CIRIA C748 and BS8485:2015
    • Unique pre-applied and gas resistant membrane
    • Excellent VOC & methane barrier resistance
    • Suitable for both Tanking and DPM applications
    • Utilises Visqueen’s unique technology
    • Exceptional puncture resistance - No protection required
    • Welding and Visqueen Gas Resistant tape system options
    • Robust tanking membrane
    • Ideal for cold weather application
    • Suitable for gas protection applications
    • Torch bonded laps provide a homogenously sealed junction
    • Used in basements, car parks, lift pits, reinforced concrete slabs and retaining walls
    • Self-adhesive membrane for above and below ground applications
    • Tough, high performance, high density polyethylene membrane
    • Provides resistance to puncture and tearing
    • Use with unique Visqueen HP Tanking Primer to obtain best adhesion
    • CE Mark to EN13969
    • Self-adhesive membrane for above and below ground application
    • Superior adhesion and waterproofing qualities
    • Integral aluminium foil for resistance to methane, radon and carbon dioxide
    • New and improved polymer technology giving superior performance
    • Extremely flexible thus improving installation times
    • A robust pre applied waterproofing & radon barrier membrane
    • Suitable for both damp proofing and tanking applications
    • Greater water vapour barrier properties
    • Exceptional puncture resistance - No protection required